Dr. Andrew Khoo

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glasg), M Med FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
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Ear Surgery


Surgery for Correction of Prominent Ears, Correction of Earlobe Deformities

Downtime 7 – 10 days

Technically called Otoplasty, this surgery is done to correct prominent ears. The procedure is done under general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. Small incisions are made behind the ears and the ear cartilage is reshaped to set prominent ears closer to the back of the head. The surgery lasts 2 hours and the patient has to wear a bandage over her head for 7 days.

This procedure can also be used to reduce the size of large ears or correct earlobe deformities. This is usually done under local anaesthesia and stitches are removed at 7 days. Generally no bandages are applied for this kind of surgery.

Ear Surgery is done in operating theatre under local, general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation, depending on the extent of the surgery. There is 7 to 10 day recovery period.

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