Injectable Muscle Relaxants

Injectable muscle relaxants such as Botox are our most commonly administered non invasive treatments. We use Botox to ablate dynamic lines which are caused by muscle action. These include forehead lines, glabellar lines and the crow feet. Deeper injections into the muscles can change the facial contours and create a narrower more aesthetic face. They can also be used to reduce the calves in suitable patients. Botox can also be used as a lasting and reliable method of reducing axillary sweating.

Botox treatments are done in the clinic and take 15-30 minutes. The area is numbed using icepacks before Dr Khoo administers this treatment. Most Botox treatments take effect 2-3 days after injection and last 4-6 months, with 2-3 days of recovery.

Meso Botox and Micro Botox

The micro Botox technique is performed by selectively injecting very dilute Botox into the shallowest parts of the area we want to treat. With this technique, we can adjust oil output and reduce pore size in the face and, also, adjust the neck and chin contour. The procedure is performed under topical anesthesia with a numbing agent and takes 30-60 minutes. The recovery time is 24-72 hours and is due to the tiny red dots where the medication is delivered.

With modern techniques and experience, Dr Andrew Khoo can help you achieve your desired look safely and naturally.