The treatment of soft tissue and bony injuries of the maxilla- facial and cranio-facial region is commonly requested by patients. Emergency trauma patients require timely assistance and seek to restore their function and appearance to their original pre-accident state. These patients are treated in the clinic, in the emergency procedure rooms or, in the more complex cases, as inpatients.

Dr Khoo’s training in cranio-facial surgery allows him to reconstruct soft tissue and bony injuries of the nose, orbit, midface and jaw. These are repositioned and fixed with titanium micro and mini plates. If necessary, coordination with other specialists such as oral surgeons or neurosurgeons will be sought.  These are done as inpatient surgeries. Length of surgery and recovery vary a great deal.

In our practice, we also see patients who have already healed from their injury but have residual scars of the soft tissue and bony deformities. These scars and bony deformities can often be corrected with scar revisions to improve the appearance of the scars and careful re- cutting and repositioning of the bones with titanium micro and mini plates.These are also performed as inpatient surgeries. Likewise, length of surgery and recovery vary a great deal as well.

Trauma surgery is often critical and should be scheduled as soon as possible to minimize recovery and post-operative comfort.

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