Dr. Andrew Khoo

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
FRCS (Edin), FRCS (Glasg), M Med FAMS (Plastic Surgery)
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Fat Grafting

Skin Texture Improvement Therapy for Fine Facial Lines and Wrinkles, Deep Facial Lines and Contour Improvement

 Downtime Depends on the area treated

Fat Grafting refers to the harvesting of autologous fat cells from a patients own fat stores, preparation of this into a filler material and then re-introduction to fill out deep facial lines and contour defects. Depending on how the grafts are prepared, these fat grafts may contain a high proportion of young fat cells which can rejuvenate the overlying skin- an added benefit. If the graft takes well, the effects of injecting fat cell can be permanent. However, it is a more complex and time consuming procedure than injection of hyaluronic acid fillers.

This procedure is administered in the laser centre. It takes 15-30 minutes with minimal down time. No anaesthesia is required.

Downtime varies with the depth of the peel.

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