Eyelid surgery can be performed for a variety of purposes; creating a second eyelid, correcting sagging eyelids, correcting droopy eyelids or ptosis. Both the suture or scarless methods are available.

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery is used to create an additional fold in the eyelid for aesthetic purposes. There are two kinds of double eyelid surgery available:

  1. Open blepharoplasty
  2. Suture blepharoplasty (Scarless)

Each type of surgery is different and will Dr Khoo will advise you on which options are suitable for you. Please drop us a call @ 6733 3712 or use the contact form below to find out more.

Who is Double Eyelid Surgery Suitable For?

For patients with some fat and full eyelids, an open blepharoplasty will be carried out for better results.

However, if there is only a little fat, a suture blepharoplasty will be preferred as it will come with fewer complications.

Each type of surgery is different and will Dr Khoo will advise you on which options are suitable for you. Drop us a call or use the contact form below to find out more.

What Type of Results Should I Expect?

Both surgeries make the eye appear larger and also evert the eyelashes, making them more prominent.

Many patients report feeling highly satisfied with their natural-looking results after the procedure. Most of them benefit from increased and renewed confidence in their new look. Oftentimes, they also find that their eyes look more energized and gives them a younger look.

The procedure also provides a practical benefit โ€“ patients have an increased range of view as the saggy upper eyelid is treated.

How Will This Process Be Conducted at ARC?

In both, cases this is done under local anaesthesia with light oral sedation as a day surgery. The surgery lasts 1-1.5 hours. The sutures used in the open method will come out in 7 days, while the expected downtime from swelling lasts about 2-3 weeks.

What Are Some Complementary Treatments?

The complementary procedures that are done include medial canthoplasty where the eye is made wider, minor browlifts where the eyebrows are repositioned and fat in the upper eyelid is removed.

Eye bags are also an area where treatment is very popular.

Dark eye circles and eye bags occur because of lack of rest, chronic swelling in the lower eyelid, deposition of pigment and ageing.

Mild cases of dark eye circles are improved with adequate rest and eye gels. These eye gels contain, astringents to remove water from the eyebags, moisturizers to improve crepiness, depigmenting agents and often micronized silica to hide the dark colour.

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Moderate cases can be treated with a combination of light therapies such as the Sciton BBL Broadband Light or Starwalker picosecond Nd YAg laser. We also use Thermage to tighten the eyelid skin.

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The creation of an upper eyelid crease makes the eye appear larger and everts the eyelashes. This makes the eyes more attractive. In addition, the eye can be widened using the canthoplasty technique, which is a specialized procedure to move the opening of the eye closer to the nose- this enlarges the eye from side to side.

This is performed as a day surgery under local anaesthesia in the clinic operating room. It takes 30-45 minutes and the recovery time is 5-7 days.

Droopy upper eyelids can occur for many reasons. The most common cause is excessive fat and skin in the ageing upper eyelid. Other causes are weakness of the upper eyelid opening muscle (ptosis) and drooping of the forehead and eyebrow region (brow ptosis). Each of these causes requires different solutions.

Surgery for droopy eyelids involves removal of excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid and sometimes, a elevation of the eyelid crease to make the eye look more attractive. The surgery takes 1.5 to 2 hours under local anaesthesia and light oral sedation. Recovery will take about 10-14 days due to upper lid swelling.

Eyelid ptosis is a condition where the muscles that open the eye are not functioning properly. This can be due to age or sometimes contact lens use or previous eye injury. This surgery is more complex than upper eyelid skin and fat excision.

The surgery takes 2 to 3 hours and can be done under local anaesthesia and oral sedation in clinic procedure room or day surgery centre. Recovery will take about 14-21 days due to upper eyelid swelling.

As this is a recognized medical condition, medical insurance can be used for this procedure. The clinic is accredited for Integrated Medishield Claims and we can e-file the claims from the clinic for increased convenience.

Lower eyebags are caused by excessive skin and fat collections and sometimes are combined with laxity of the lower eyelids, giving you the appearance of constantly being sad and tired.

Mild cases can be improved with eye gels and cosmeceuticals. Moderate cases can be treated with lasers, RF therapy or fillers. Surgery for lower eyebags involves repositioning of the fat, tightening of the lower eyelid tone and removal of excess skin and muscle.

Surgery takes 2-3 hours under local anesthesia and mild oral sedation in the clinic procedure room. The estimated recovery period is around 10-14 days due to swelling in the lower eyelids.

The eyelid is a complex multi-layered structure. Surgeries for removal of benign and malignant lesions of the nose must be planned with adequate margins while retaining the natural nose and lines. Any surgical scars are hidden in the natural lines of the eyelid wherever possible.

Smaller excisions can be carried out in the clinic under local anaesthesia and take 45 minutes to 1 hour. If the lesions are larger, excisions will need frozen section examination or complex flap procedures. This procedure will then be performed in the day surgery centre or as an inpatient treatment. These take 2-4 hours and are usually done under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The recovery time is about 10-14 days due to the swelling.

With modern techniques and experience, Dr Andrew Khoo can help you achieve your desired look safely and naturally.


All surgeries carry risks which include anaesthesia, bleeding and infection risks, as well as asymmetry and prominent surgical scars.

Double eyelid surgery can be done using the open method or closed (scarless) method. It is sometimes combined with a medical canthopexy to widen the eye from side to side.

The non-incisional eyelid surgery is another name for the closed (scarless) method. There are various types of scarless methods which will be explained to the patient at our first consultation.