Rhinoplasties are nose surgeries that are used to enhance the shape of the nose for greater harmony of the face. There are different types of rhinoplasties; with some that add volume and some that reduce volume to reshape the nose. Dr Khoo performs the following forms of surgeries for the nose.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Implants and Cartilage Grafts

Augmentation rhinoplasty is used to define and raise the nose with fillers and cartilage grafts. It is suitable for patients who have flat or broad noses who want a higher bridge of the nose, and for patients who want a more narrow and refined tip of the nose.

The surgery to make the nose higher and more defined is carried out using Silastic implants for the bridge and nasal or ear cartilage for the tip. This gives the optimal results in our practice. The procedure can be done closed (scarless) or with a tiny scar in the columella.

The aim of an augmentation rhinoplasty is to build up the bridge of the nose and make the tip of the nose thinner and more refined. This will naturally make the face look slimmer and gives the impression that a patient’s eyes are more closely set.

These procedures take 1-3 hours and are done under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation as a day surgery. The recovery time is around 7-10 days as there are tapes over the nose and associated swelling.

Reduction or Corrective Rhinoplasty for Post-traumatic and Congenital Deformities

Reduction rhinoplasties are used to flatten or reform any deviations of the nose that are either formed at birth or occur after traumatic injuries. Such deformities can sometimes cause breathing difficulties. Reduction or corrective rhinoplasty is suitable for restoring the nose to its original form. They have an increased degree of complexity as compared to regular rhinoplasties.

These can be corrected using specialised techniques to straighten the septum and the nasal bone and correct the cartilaginous tip. Sometimes the fracture causes a dorsal hump and this can be removed. For cosmetic cases, some patients have naturally large noses and these can be reduced in size and reshaped to give a more aesthetic form.

These surgeries take 2-3 hours under general anesthesia either as a day surgery or with an overnight stay. As there is an obvious plaster over the nose and swelling, the recovery time is around 10-14 days.

For post-traumatic and congenital cases, it is possible to use medical insurance for the surgery. The clinic and surgicentre are accredited for Integrated Medishield Claims and we can e-file the claims from the clinic for increased convenience.

Excision of Benign and Malignant Lesions of the Nose with Reconstruction

Surgeries for removal of benign and malignant lesions of the nose must be planned with adequate margins while saving as much of the natural nose and lines as possible.

Smaller excisions can be done in the clinic under local anaesthesia within 1 hour. If the lesions are larger and require frozen section examination or complex flap procedures, the procedure will be done in the day surgery centre or as an inpatient process.

These take 2-4 hours and are usually done under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. The recovery is projected to be around 10-14 days as this is usually due to dressings on the nose.

With modern techniques and experience, Dr Andrew Khoo can help you achieve your desired look safely and naturally.